Need To Sell Your House In Florida Fast?

   You Can Sell As-Is, And pay No Fees

   Get A Cash Offer In Just 48 Hours

   There Is Zero Obligation & Zero Cost

   Close & Get Your Cash In About 2 Weeks

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We Buy Houses In Florida

NextBridge Home Solutions - Who Are we?

My name is Jeff Cody and here at NextBridge Home Solutions, we buy houses directly from families who need to sell fast or just don’t want to sell the traditional way.

When you sell your home to us, we pay all the fees, we make all the repairs, and we close when you want. You won’t need to clean or pay Realtor fees, and you don’t need to sell as a FSBO.

NextBridge Home Solutions is a Veteran Owned Company

As an Officer in the US Air Force, I learned how to live a life of integrity. This guides my business decisions and directly benefits how I work with home sellers.

We are a family run business that honors this integrity, and we operate with these Core Values:

   Integrity – In every decision, every conversation, every time.

   Fairness – We all benefit together, or it won’t happen.

   Work Hard / Play Hard – Enjoy every day, even the hard days.

We Buy Houses In Any Condition, In Any Situation!

We provide you with speed, convenience, & certainty of knowing that the sale will close fast.

   “We inherited this house, and need to settle the estate”

   “The house just needs too much work for us to handle”

   “This was an investment, and we’re ready to cash out

  “We’ve missed payments and want to avoid foreclosure

   “We lost our job & need to move away for another job”

   “We’re downsizing and don’t want to make any repairs”

How Do You Sell Your House Fast In Florida?

It really is an easy process, just like 1-2-3. We make sure everything makes sense to you & show how we determine your cash offer. That is the exact amount your check will be for when we close the sale through a local Title Company.

   Learn How It Works

This is a big decision so take the time to learn the process. We can only help when you understand and know We Can Help you move on.

   Get To Know Us

Once you understand the process, Get To Know Us. We are just a regular family, who treats everybody like we would like to be treated.

   Get Your Cash Offer

Once you’re ready, fill in the quick form or call us for a quick chat. Once we have the details, we can explain our Cash Offer to you.

Sell Your House Fast, No Matter The Reason

One potential client called recently and said “I’ve inherited a family home that my brothers and I need to sell, but it needs too much work and we’re all out of state.” It was causing stress, sleepless nights, and worse – they were fighting about what to do. I assured them that we could help relieve their stress quickly.

We buy your house from you directly and quickly – you are no longer responsible for repairs, monthly payments or other hassles. How/Why do we do this? My wife, Lauren, and I are professional investors who are renovating homes in our community to provide rentals for families who need them or rehabbing the homes to sell to families who need to buy. You’ve seen all the House Flipping Shows on HGTV, right? Just like that, but less drama (most of the time at least).

NextBridge Home Solutions Is Florida's Reliable Home Buyer

We Operate With Integrity And Do Exactly What We Say We’ll Do

“He does exactly what he says he’ll do, without question.  If I was giving my advice to a home seller, I would say to work directly with a true professional like Jeff.”

– Julius van Rooyen, Cape Coral, FL

Selling A House Takes A Lot Of Work.

Don’t stress over the cleaning, repairs, showings, closing costs, buyer’s financing & more…

We Have An Easier Way!

We Take On All Your Housing Stress So You Don’t Have To

I love Real Estate. It’s as simple as that, and there is nothing else I’d rather be doing. From my first House Hack in 2002 to the Million Dollar Riverfront flip my partners and I are finishing up. I just love the challenge. That’s why, regardless of your situation, or the condition of your house – when I say I will buy your house!”, you know that I can & I will follow through on that promise.

   We can close quickly, you pick the date

   We do all the repairs, you just walk away

   You move on from these troubles fast

Think about the relief you and your family will feel after you have that check in your hand and that problem house in your rearview mirror.

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We Are Your Neighbors And We Can Handle Any Issue

   Does Your Pool Look Like This?

Don’t worry, my team and I can take care of all of it. And since we’re local and we know the market, we will show you our calculations and you can decide from there – take it or leave it.

And when you do accept our offer, you just pick your closing date, pack up only what you want, and leave the rest for us to deal with.

We Buy Houses That Need Work

Benefits Of Selling Your Home
Directly To NextBridge Home Solutions:

   Cash Offer – we buy your home directly & fast

   No Repairs, showings, or even the hassles of cleaning

   No Commissions – you don’t have to pay a Realtor fee

   No Closing Costs – your offer will be the cash you receive

   Transparent Process – we walk through all the details

   Pick A Closing Date – we work on your schedule

“OK Jeff, this is all making sense…so what now?”

By now, you have a really good feel for what we do, why we do it, and who we are. But, you have some more researching to do. I recommend you take your time; we want you to fully understand and be confident in your decision. We know that if you are confident in us, and as you see us following through on each of our promises to you, you will think of us again or recommend us to a friend or family member.

So, what’s next to review? From here, I would spend time on our “How it works” page. It’s vital that your get all your questions answered, and that page will deliver! Or if you’re ready, just fill out the quick info below, and we’ll be in touch asap!

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