NextBridge Home Solutions Is A Veteran-Owned Business

More importantly though, we are a family-run business that is built on the integrity
that I learned & lived every day as an Officer in the US Air Force.

NextBridge Home Solutions is a Veteran Owned Company

As an Officer in the US Air Force, I learned how to live a life of integrity. This guides my business decisions and directly benefits how I work with home sellers.

We are a family run business that honors this integrity, and we operate with these Core Values:

   Integrity – In every decision, every conversation, every time.

   Fairness – we all benefit together, or it won’t happen.

   Work Hard / Play Hard – Enjoy every day, even those hard days.

NextBridge Home Solutions Is Local,
We Live And Work In SWFL

Because we are so connected in the area, with the families who reach out to us, as well as with our network of Realtors, Investors, and Contractors, we are able to make any situation work.

And because we are good at what we do, we get repairs done quickly & at a lower cost. That allows us to make higher offers to families who are looking to sell their house in Florida fast. It’s quick and easy to find out what your offer could be, fill out the form below to find out today!

NextBridge Home Solutions Is A Family Business
NextBridge Home Solutions Buys Homes In Florida

Florida’s Most Reliable
Cash Home Buyer

We are fully licensed with the State of Florida. This year’s status certificate shows that we are fully compliant and up to date. Knowing that our business is organized under state law gives you the assurance that we operate according to all the appropriate rules and regulations.

This business is our passion, and you can see that we take it very seriously. We do have fun buying and rehabbing homes, but we ensure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.

When you do put your faith in us, rest assured that we will always do what we say, period! We can’t wait to show you the pride we take in helping our sellers get cash for their homes quickly.

Why We Do What We Do

We are a family owned company

My wife, Lauren, and I love finding and flipping homes. There is a real sense of accomplishment in helping a family who is selling a home to move on quickly, and in the best financial position for them as possible. The rehab part of the business is always exciting as well, but these two girls are why we do what we do.

They keep us busy, but they are why we are so passionate about this business. To teach them how to do the right thing, find their passion & serve others.

In a couple years, there is no doubt that we are going to have some real renovation and design experts on our hands!

We Buy Houses In Florida

NextBridge Home Solutions - Who Are we?

I need to sell my Florida home fast!” is what people say when they call us. Or they ask their friends, “Who buys houses as-is when they need a lot of work?“. That’s where we come in – My name is Jeff Cody, and my company, NextBridge Home Solutions, buys houses directly from families who need to sell quickly, or simply do not want to sell their house the traditional way.

We buy houses fast in Florida and we pay all the fees. We buy “As-Is”, make all the repairs, and we close when you want. You won’t need to even clean the house or pay any Realtor fees. We take care of it all and there is no obligation.

“OK Jeff, I think I’m ready, what now?”

I trust that, by now that you are like many others that come here to learn about us. You are confident that we can solve your problems, you trust our values, and you’re ready to at least discuss your situation and get a no obligation, cash offer for your home.

If you still have a question we have not answered, drop it in the form below with just a first name and email. That is all we need to reply right away and answer your questions or provide some guidance. Thank You, we look forward to talking with you soon!

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