Selling Your Florida Home For Cash Is Simpler Than You Think

Cash Offer For Your House In 3 Simple Steps:

   Get In Touch With Us & Let Us Go To Work

   Discuss Your Situation & Receive Your Offer

   Decide To Accept Or Decline, No Obligations

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Sell Your House Fast – For Any Reason

Did You Know that selling a home without a realtor is actually not that rare? As a matter of fact, 10% of homes are sold without an agent. Next, you just need to determine if selling your home quickly for cash fits your situation, or not. Here are the reasons we hear from clients most often:

   There are too many repairs to do

   My siblings and I inherited this house

   Rental house that you’re ready to sell

   Moving soon – we need to sell fast

   Behind on Payments, can’t catch up

   Downsizing to a smaller home

How Do I Sell My House Fast In Florida?

For us to make an accurate offer, we’ll need a few details,
so that is where we will start our process together.

Get in Touch”

First, we want to talk about your house and start our research. Call/Text with some details (239-244-2474) or fill out the form to begin.

Let’s Talk!”

Next, we will meet at your home to review the process, discuss your home, answer your questions and present our cash offer to you.

“You Decide…”

Now you have your cash offer, you can decide to move forward, or not. Then pick a sales date and we’ll prepare everything for your closing.

What Makes Us Unique, Why Choose Us?

We recommend you take your time and do some research to be fully comfortable with us. Here are some important things that makes our house buying process different and valuable:

    Veteran-Owned & Family-Owned

We treat everyone just like we’d like to be treated. Our business is built on reputation, and our reputation and integrity are always Priority #1.

    We Will Educate You On This Industry

This may be your first sale to a cash home buyer like us. You need to really understand it to make a decision, so we take time to explain it all.

    We Are Local – We Live & Work Here

We are not some stuffy, corporate firm. We are your neighbors, and we do this because we love real estate & we love helping our community.

    100% Transparency In All We Do

This is a big transaction and decision; we want you to be 100% confident – so we show & explain everything. (Read below and you’ll see exactly!)

So, You Want A Real-Life Example?

Ok perfect. Let’s use this “Before & After” house. Let’s assume the “After” home is your next-door neighbor, ‘Nestor’. Because Nestor hit the lotto, he was able to update and renovate his whole house, new kitchen, bathrooms, floors, etc. He decided to move to the beach and was able to sell his renovated home for $350,000.

We buy houses that need repairs

One month later, you are looking to sell your home and move also. You have the same house as Nestor did – same age, floorplan, lot size, etc. BUT, you were not able to update your home, so the eventual buyer will have to do that work. Therefore, your home will not command the same selling price as Nestor, make sense? It’s current “As-Is” value would be about $220,000.

Let’s assume all those repairs cost Nestor $75,000 & 4 months of work. You could just reduce your sales price by $75k and sell easily, right? Not so quick. You see, most buyers do not want a project, and they also may not have the lender’s approval or have the cash to take this on. But this is what we do every day, and we make fair offers that get accepted. We are also 100% transparent, so here is how we formulate your offer.

How We Calculate Your Offer:

Your Offer = {After Repair Value} – {Repairs} – {Our Cost to Sell} – {Business Profit}

{After Repair Value} = The After Repair Value (ARV) is what Nestor sold his house for. That is, the price a real estate appraiser would value a newly renovated/updated house.

{Repairs} = We determined the cost of repairs to be $75,000 in our example.

{Our Cost to Sell} = While you don’t incur any fees when we buy your home, we do have to pay them when we eventually sell it. We have to pay things like realtor commissions and closing costs (title insurance, taxes, etc). Those costs average about 10% of our sales price of $350,000.

{Business Profit} = I know, I know, but this IS a business at the end of the day, and it can be a pretty risky business. We make a profit to pay our contractors, plumbers & electricians, and to buy the next house. We keep this to a minimum though so that we can pay the most for each house. This smaller profit per house helps us complete more homes, which helps more sellers & buyers. It also keeps costs down by leveraging the economies of flipping more homes. This normally works out to 10%, on average. How’s that for transparency? I like to lay my cards on the table…


Your Offer = $350,000 – $75,000 – $35,000 – $35,000

Your Offer = $205,000

Is This Cash Offer The Best Option To Sell Your House Fast?

…Let’s Evaluate Your Offer vs Selling With A Realtor

Remember we said the “As-Is” value would be about $220,000 with no repairs? If you listed it for that price on the MLS with a Realtor, you would have to pay the 10% in commissions and closing costs, which eats into your net proceeds. Let’s say you even found a realtor that would charge less, or your closing costs were a bit less, maybe you only paid 8% on your sale. That would still reduce the proceeds from your sale down to $202,400 ($220,000 – 8% closing costs). Remember we offered $205,000, with no fees?

So, you would net $2,600 LESS by selling through a Realtor (vs to us) and would have to wait a few months to find the buyer, stress over their financing approvals, worry about the buyer’s inspection findings, and more…

But, Wait! My Home’s Condition Isn’t SO Bad!

…what if the repairs were $35,000, not $75,000?

Even better for you, watch how that affects Your Offer using our same formula:

Your Offer = $350,000 – $35,000 – $35,000 – $35,000

Your Offer = $245,000

That is $25,000 MORE than its current As-Is value! And you still have no fees, commissions, cleaning, repairs, waiting, or stress!

It’s even $43,000 MORE than you’d receive if you listed and sold it with an agent! {Remember, you’d receive $202,400 in that example?}

We Apply This Formula And Make A Fair Cash Offer To Give You The Info You Need To Make Your Decision

Let’s Highlight Some Details:

The offer we make will be the exact amount of money you receive in your check at closing.

No Repairs, Cleaning Costs, or Commissions. As a matter of fact, there are no Fees at all.

No cost or obligation, we invest our time to uncover which option works best for you.

We’ll show you how we arrived at our offer, to ensure there are no changes or surprises.

We Never Factor In How Dire Your Situation Is, Or How Desperate To Sell You May Be.

Remember, there is no cost or obligation to accept our offer. Let us run the numbers by you and see how it works out, you have nothing to lose by asking us to review it.

If you don’t take our offer, no hard feelings…we’ll still be friends. As a matter of fact, I’ll still offer any assistance I can, like a market analysis, introductions to my contractors, realtors, or even my consultation on your other offers and options.

Call/text my office line at (239) 244-2474 to start the review, or complete the form below, it’s as easy as that!

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