We Buy Houses In San Carlos Park

No Agents, Fees, Repairs, Or Cleaning Needed!

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Sell Your San Carlos Park House Fast,
In Any Condition

In San Carlos Park, many homeowners decide to sell their home directly to us using our quick and easy process. Selling property without a realtor is actually not rare. As a matter of fact, over 10% of homes are sold without an agent. You just need to determine if selling your home quickly for cash fits your specific situation. Here are some of the difficult scenarios we help with most often:

   There are too many repairs to do

   My siblings and I inherited this house

   Rental house that you’re ready to sell

   Moving soon – we need to sell fast

   Behind on Payments, can’t catch up

   Downsizing to a smaller home

You Have Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain

Let us help you work through this difficult time. We buy homes in San Carlos Park, as well as Estero and the Three Oaks area.

Sell Your San Carlos Park House For Cash In 3 Simple Steps

Start The Process

Just give us some basic info in the form on this page. We’ll start doing our research & set up a quick call.

Review Our Offer

We will take our research, apply our formula and determine our offer. You decide if it’s right for you.

Get Your Cash

If you agree to our offer, pick your closing date so you can get your cash and move on right away.

Selling With A Realtor, aka The “Traditional Way”, May Not Be The Best Option For Your Situation

If you have the time and money, selling with a realtor can be a good option,
but let’s talk about the downsides:

     Selling Directly To Us…

Realtors charge a 6% fee to sell your house (multiply sale price x .06 to see how much that is).

    You Keep The Cash

No realtor fees, at all! You keep that cash because we’ll be buying directly from you.

You take your time and money to make all the repairs, even those last-minute ones found at inspection.

    We Buy Houses As-Is

We do all the repairs. You don’t need to pay for repairs, spend time doing them, or even clean!

You pay all closing costs, typically another 2% or more of the sales price for taxes, title fees, etc.

    More Cash For You

We handle all the closing costs. You don’t have to worry about title insurance or other closing costs.

You have to be ready to do showings daily until you find the right buyer, and they still may fall through.

    Quick & Easy Closing

No showings at all. We will walk through and make an offer – you don’t have to show it for weeks or months.

If you are in a tough situation with a house or vacant land in San Carlos Park, including Estero or the Three Oaks area, take back control and reduce the stress that comes with this property.

Start fresh and get back to the things you love. The speed, convenience, & certainty we pride ourselves on will allow you to move on in just weeks.

We Handle Any House And Every Situation In San Carlos Park

Too often a house can become too much to handle, we can help. We can remedy any problem and trust me when I say we’ve seen them all. No matter how much work a house needs, or how far behind on payments you are, we can find a solution that will fit.

There is no obligation, so it’s worth evaluating our process to see how it may help your family too. Fill out this easy form to start today. There are no obligations or “hard sells” ever.

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