Video Post: 5 Reasons to Sell Your Home to NextBridge Home Solutions

5 Reasons to Sell Your Home to NextBridge Home Solutions
Hey, what’s up, everybody? It’s Jeff with NextBridge Home Solutions. I got a question the other day and wanted to address it. Somebody asked about working with an investor or a cash home buyer like ourselves and what are the benefits of that versus listing on the market? It’s a really hot market like everybody knows right now in 2021. I think there’s a lot of pent-up demand from the last year, which has been a crazy year for everybody. So why not just put something on the MLS and it’s probably going to sell? And in most cases, that’s true.

In most cases you can list your home or an investment property that you have that you’re looking to sell. And it’s probably going to sell pretty quickly on the MLS, but there are times when it’s not and that’s really where we come in and we can really help out. So there’s really five reasons why I think you would want to work with a company like NextBridge Home Solutions, where we can buy your house.

And so the first one I’d say is that we buy houses fast. We typically can do a lot of this over the phone. We may come take a look at it. We may just look at a quick video that you can send us and see what sort of repairs might need to be done. But usually just a quick conversation. We can figure out what sort of offer we can make you on the property. So we can do that really quickly.

The second benefit is that we typically pay cash for houses. So why is that valuable to you as a home seller? The reason is that we don’t need to put in our contracts a financing contingency. A lot of times when people put in a contingency that says this is based on the financing approval that we need to get from our bank. That’s where deals can sometimes fall through, especially over the last year. What we saw was a lot of people because of COVID lost their jobs. They lost their ability to follow through on that loan and the bank unfortunately had to cancel that loan. So that’s another reason.

I’d say the third reason is that we handle all the repairs and all the cleanup of anything that’s needed in a property. So for example, if a house is uninhabitable because major damage like a flood or a roof leak or just disrepair. Maybe this is an investment that you’ve had and the renters really tore it up. There’s a lot of different reasons why a house would need a lot of repairs like that. We typically take care of all those repairs and you don’t need to worry about it. So there’s no contingencies on inspections or those types of things because a lot of times we’re going to come and redo the house anyway.

The other thing is if there’s an inherited house that you have, it might have a lot of stuff that needs to be cleared out. A lot of times, families just don’t want to deal with that. There’s just too much over the years that has been built up there and it takes a lot of work, and you might not be in town. You might be states away. So we can come in and clean all that out. That’s part of our process as well. So you can really just take what you need, take your family belongings, any heirlooms, take anything you really want. Everything else we’ll either donate or we’ll trash if it’s no good.

And so those are a couple of the reasons. And I’d say if you’re looking to sell a property quickly to somebody that can come in quickly with cash, no contingencies. There’s no commissions either. A lot of times we’re going to be working together. We can work with a realtor if you have one, but most times we work directly with the seller. We come up with their price and you agree if it’s something that works with your numbers. And if you agree, there’s no commissions to be paid. We’re going to take care of all the fees for the title insurance and those sorts of things.

And then finally, we close when we say we’re going to close. So a lot of times people will make an offer. They’ll find out there’s something wrong with the property. They’ll try to renegotiate the price that they gave you. And if they don’t get that reduction in price, they’ll just walk away from the deal. And that’s just not how we do business. So I would say that’s the fifth reason that you want to work with NextBridge Home Solutions is that we’re going to follow through on what we say we’re going to do.

So if you have a house that needs some work, maybe more than you’re prepared to do or if it’s been sitting vacant if it’s a rental property that you’ve just kind of had it with, if it’s a hoarder house, if it’s something that you inherited and you’re just too far away to take care of, just give us a call 239-244-2474, or you can go to I buy homes in Southwest We can have a quick conversation and figure out how we can work together and we’ll make it happen. Thanks everybody. Take care.
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