I Buy Homes in SWFL

I Buy Homes in SWFL
Jeff Cody:
Hey everybody, good morning. This is Jeff Cody with Next Bridge Real Estate and www.ibuyhomesinsouthwestflorida.com. I’m here at Home Depot in Estero, Florida getting ready for another project. A lot of people have been asking where in Southwest Florida, do I buy homes? I buy homes in Fort Myers, Florida, San Carlos Park. I buy homes in Cape Coral, Florida. I buy homes in Lehigh Acres. Anywhere in Southwest Florida, I will buy your home.

So if you have a job transfer, maybe you are downsizing homes or you’ve had a vacation home for a couple of years that you’re looking to get rid of, maybe you’ve got that rental that you’re just sick of. Whatever the reason, I’d love to talk to you and figure out if we can solve that problem for you. That’s what I feel like I do best is I solve problems involving real estate. I moved down here 15 years ago to start doing real estate in Southwest Florida. So I’m local, I’m a vet. So I’ll do what I say I’m going to do. If I tell you I’m going to buy your house fast, I’ll buy your house fast. And that’s exactly what we do. We buy fast. We can often pay cash. So whatever your real estate problem is, let me know, let’s talk. Maybe we can find a way to help get through it. Okay. Thanks. Go to www.ibuyhomesinsouthwestflorida.com. Thanks.
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