Video: NextBridge Home Solutions Buys Homes in Southwest Florida Fast

NextBridge Home Solutions Buys Homes in Southwest Florida Fast
Jeff Cody:
Hi. My name is Jeff Cody. I have a company here in Southwest Florida called NextBridge Home Solutions. We buy, rent, and sell homes. Typically, what we’ll do is buy a house that needs some major repairs or needs to be updated, and then we’ll rehab the house to be either rented or flipped or resold. This is one of the deals that we’re working on right now. This is a house that just needed some updating. So, you can see this is the kitchen. We’re rehabbing all the kitchen right now. So, when we buy these homes, we buy them as is. So, you don’t need to do any repairs, pay all that cost to do the repairs to the house. We’re going to take all that on. You don’t even have to do any cleaning. As a matter of fact, you just take what you need, you can leave the rest. We’re going to have dumpsters here, taking out all the tile and the drywall and everything. So, you can just leave what you want. It makes it really fast and easy.

In terms of fast, we can typically give you a cash offer within a day or two, and then we can typically close on the sale within two weeks. Because we’re using cash, we can close a lot faster than most people can because we don’t have to wait for the financing approvals and all that that goes along with that. The other thing is you won’t pay any fees. We don’t use realtors, so you don’t have to worry about paying that 6% commission. All the title fees, closing costs, taxes, all that stuff is going to be covered by us. So, the number that we give you in your cash offer is going to be the number that you receive from the title company.

Speaking of title companies, that’s how we close all of our deals. There’s never anything done in terms of cash exchanging hands between us. Everything is done at the title company. They hold all the funds. They complete all the paperwork so that everything is done to all the legal standards of the state. And so, if you have a favorite title company you want to work with, we can certainly do that. But everything is done through the title company. And as a veteran-owned organization, I want to think that the integrity that I have is of the highest importance. So hopefully, that gives you a little bit of confidence. But we, like I said, can move really quickly and we take care of everything, so you don’t have to. Hopefully, we can work with you soon. If you need to get in touch with us, 239-244-2474, or go to Thanks.
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