Video Post: NextBridge Home Solutions – Who Are we?

NextBridge Home Solutions - Who Are we?
Jeff Cody:
Hey, what’s up everybody? This is Jeff Cody. I have a company here in Southwest Florida. It’s called NextBridge Home Solutions. And we buy houses. We sell houses. We flip houses. We even lend on houses where there’s investments that need some additional funding.

We’re based here in Southwest Florida – Lee County, Charlotte County Collier County. What we typically do is we buy homes that need work, that people need to sell quickly. A lot of times we’ll buy for cash. We can close at a date of your choosing, typically two weeks to a month or more, whatever you need in your timeline, we can do that. We typically don’t need to do inspections. There’s no commissions. It’s really just you and I working out the best deal to solve whatever the problem is that you have.

So a really easy way to sell a home. But a lot of people say, “Where does the NextBridge come from? What is that all about?” And for me, it’s a metaphor. We all tend to put things off and wait. And sometimes we say, “Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” And a lot of times that’s probably not your best decision. So what I say is go seek out your next bridge. Go find what that next thing is that you want to do. Maybe for you it’s getting a promotion at work or going back to school or something in your family life that you’ve been meaning to do and you just haven’t got around to it. But maybe it’s something that forces you to leave town and you have to move quickly. Maybe you just want to move and get out of the situation that you’re in at your house. Maybe it needs a lot of work and you just haven’t been able to fix that.

So don’t wait to cross that bridge, meaning, the bank’s coming to take the house maybe, if you’re behind on payments. I’ve seen that happen. I’ve looked at three or four deals in the last month. Three of them have been million dollar homes on the water here in Florida or on a really premium golf course in a country club. And they were foreclosures. And it’s just shocking that you wouldn’t think that would happen in a really nice community, in a really nice house like that, but it happens to everybody.

So if you’re having a situation like that, don’t wait to cross that bridge. Go find out what it is that you can do about it. And that might be finding a company like ours that can come in, buy the house, fix it and help you get rid of that problem. So if we can help with anything related to real estate, please give us a call. You can check out the website, You can also go to – That’s a little bit easier. But I hope we can talk to you soon. Just give us a call at (239) 244-2474, thanks.
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