Video Post: Flipping a Riverfront Home in Cape Coral, FL with NextBridge Home Solutions

Flipping a Riverfront Home in Cape Coral, FL with NextBridge Home Solutions
Hey, what’s going on? It’s Jeff with NextBridge Home Solutions. I’m super excited, racing up I-75, I know I probably shouldn’t be videoing right now, but I just wanted to point out something super exciting. We’re going to see a flip that we’re working on in Cape Coral. So it’s about 20 minute drive over there. It’s a really cool property right on the river in Cape Coral, in the southeast part of Cape Coral, if you’re familiar. It’s a great older house built in ’70. It’s over 3,500 square feet. So it’s a big house, had some additions put on. So this one isn’t a real full gut job like some of the jobs we’ve looked at in the past. This one is just a little bit older and just needed to be updated. As a reminder, we buy all types of homes in Cape Coral. We buy houses very fast and then we’ll renovate the homes we buy. Finally, we will either rent or sell the homes and look for the next house to buy.

But I point this one out to let everybody know that we do all sorts of properties. So we’re buying any kind of homes that really fit what we’re trying to do, which is buy a house that somebody is trying to sell quickly that’s in some need to get out of the property, and come in, we’ll fix the house up. We’ll either rent it or sell it from there. And typically we’ll do some older, smaller houses that might be $100,000, a couple hundred thousand dollars, something like that. This was a over a million dollar property and then a couple of hundred thousand dollars a rehab work. So that by the time it’s done, it will be worth about 1.9 million dollars. So that’s super exciting.

We’ve had it now for about a month and a half. We got all the demo done and my partners are really the ones that are driving a lot of this. So they’ve been really busy and doing a great job at putting everything together and getting it all set. I’m going to show some video of what it looks like when I get out there. But again, I just point this out to say that we’re buying homes in southwest Florida, we’re buying in Lee County, Collier County, Charlotte County, any homes that needs some work, big or small. Like I said, this is a really big, expensive house, expensive property. It can be any sort of property.

So if you’ve got something that you’re thinking about might need some work, you just can’t do it at this time, or you have a friend maybe or a family member that is just trying to get out of the house that they just can’t do all the rehab, do all the renovations on, let us know. We might be able to work with you, and like I said, buy that house, rehab it. I’ll show some video of what it looks like when I get out there from the riverfront, from the dock.

So we’re out at the house today that we’re flipping in Cape Coral. It’s right on the river, as you could see, and it is beautiful. It’s a work in progress. I’ll show you what the inside looks like real quick, but this thing is going to be great. Let me flip around so you can see. Here’s what the outside is going to look like. The expansive view of this river is incredible. It’s got a boat lift, it’s got two Wave Runner lifts. It’s just beautiful.

So back in the car now headed home. That was great. It was super exciting to see that house. That was the first time I’ve seen it since the work started of doing all the demo and everything. So I hope you enjoyed that. Just wanted to show everybody the types of different houses that we could potentially work on. So if you have a bigger house that you’re thinking might not be a good fit for us, it certainly is. If you think it needs too much work, don’t worry about that. We can handle it all. Give me a call today at (239) 244-2474, or go to, I Buy Homes in We’ll see you soon.
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