We are finishing a flip in Cape Coral, FL – Check it out!

We are finishing a flip in Cape Coral, Check it out!
Hey, everybody. What’s up? This is Jeff. I just wanted to show you the progress we’re making on this house in the Cape that we’re working on. You can see we’ve got the new painting all done. We’ve got landscaping coming in two days. Today, I’ve got my little assistant here. She’s going to help me get some of the last minute touches done, but let me show it to you real quick. Because it’s really coming along well.

We’ve got flooring. We did all new kitchens. Quartz countertops. All new appliances, cabinets. Some pretty cool lights in here. We actually moved the refrigerator. It used to be over here, and we moved it over there. Give us some more open feel right there. And then, here’s the primary. Awesome space. We’ve got a barn door, but this is the best part. Really cool shower. It’s huge.

It’s really coming along well. We’re going to list it this week, so middle of December. Right before the busy season starts. Anybody that’s looking for a house with a pool, it’s going to be great. New roof is going to be going on in probably a week or two, so that’ll be done soon as well.

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If you or anybody you know has a house that you’re looking to sell, please let us know. Even if it has a lot of damage or maybe it just needs to be updated, let us know. We’re always looking to take on some housing projects.

Check us out, www.IBuyHomesInSWFL.com. Or give me a call. You can call my cell, which is 346-387-0800, and the NextBridge Home Solutions office line is at 239-244-2474.

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